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‘Battle scandal’ CLE-CWS players, collective punishment… The main characters, Ramirez and Anderson, immediately appealed.

Officials of the Cleveland Guardians and the Chicago White Sox of the Major League Baseball (MLB), who had a scuffle on the ground two days ago, are subject to a heap of disciplinary actions.

The MLB Secretariat announced the disciplinary results for the bench clearing that occurred in the Cleveland and White Sox game two days ago on the 8th (Korean time).스포츠토토

Tim Anderson (White Sox) and Jose Ramirez (Cleveland), who shared a fistfight that was the key to bench clearing, were suspended for 6 games and 3 games respectively. Fines are also imposed. In addition to them, White Sox manager Pedro Grifol, Cleveland manager Terry Francona, and pitcher Emmanuel Classe and third base coach Mike Sabo (above Cleveland), who fought on the ground, each received a one-game suspension and a fine. White Sox pitcher Michael Kopek and Cleveland outfielder Gabriel Arias escaped suspension but were fined instead.

Both Anderson and Ramirez, who received the heaviest punishment, decided to appeal. Disciplinary measures imposed on them shall remain in effect until the relevant procedures are completed. Because of this, Ramirez can play normally in the Toronto Blue Jays game against Ryu Hyun-jin on the 8th.

The two teams had a bench clearing in their head-to-head match on the 6th. It is difficult to see it as a subject of disciplinary action only with bench clearing, but the intentional fist fight reminiscent of boxing caused a great controversy. At the time, Ramirez hit a double with one out and second base in the sixth inning when the team was trailing 0-5. After entering second base with head-first sliding, a fight broke out after a few words with Anderson, who had come in second base cover. They raised their fists and took a boxing stance, then punched each other.

Players from both teams jumped out onto the ground at the time. Unusually, the coaches of both teams came out to the ground and engaged in a fight by arguing. At that time, six people, including Anderson, Ramirez, Grifol, Francona, Sabo, and Klasse, were ordered to leave the field, and two days later they were listed as subject to disciplinary action.

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