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Gyeongsan High School beat Jeongdong High School to win the 8th Daegu Regional High School Baseball Tournament…Ryu Jae-hoon was selected as MVP 

 Gyeongsan High School (Principal Ahn Seung-in) won the 8th Daegu Regional High School Baseball Tournament. Ryu Jae-hoon, from the Daegu Jung-gu junior baseball team, enjoyed the joy of being selected as the MVP토토사이트 .

This tournament, hosted by the Korea High School Baseball Federation, was held for six days from the 31st to the 5th of last month at Bangcheon Stadium and Civic Stadium in Daegu. 

Gyeongsan High School enjoyed the joy of winning by defeating Jeongdong High School 15-5 in the final match held at the Daegu Civic Stadium on the 5th. 

Ryu Jae-hoon, who was selected as the MVP, said, “I was so happy to be able to participate in the interschool baseball tournament even after graduating from junior, and I was so happy to be ranked first in 36 schools.” 

He also added, “I hope that youth baseball will be more active in the future, and even as an adult, I want to contribute even a small force to the development of baseball through social baseball.”

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