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“Two years ago, I only did it by force”… Flexible but harder, 20SV high ground again stepped on

“I don’t want to attach much importance to it.”

Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 8th. The Lotte Giants put closer Kim Won-joong (30) in the bottom of the 9th inning, which was holding a 3-1 lead.먹튀검증

Kim Won-joong, who caught lead batter Kim Dong-heon with a fly ball in left field, played a game that went up to 9 pitches in the follow-up Kim Jun-wan’s persistent game, but caught it with a strikeout on a swing. Lee Joo-hyung also kept the team victory by drawing a miss in 1B-2S.

Along with Lotte’s two consecutive victories, Kim Won-joong made a save. His 20th save in his 42nd appearance this season. It is a 20-save high that he stepped on again in two years after making 35 saves in 2021. 10 points away from 1st place Jinyong Seo (SSG, 30 points). It is 3rd in 2 saves with 2nd place Hong Kun-hee (Doosan, 22).

After the game, Kim Won-joong said, “It’s good to be able to keep the team’s victory neatly. I think I need to do more than 20. I will go on the mound without thinking about it.”

He finished second in saves two years ago, behind Seung-Hwan Oh (Samsung) with 44 saves. Kim Won-joong said, “I think I’ve matured a little more than then. At that time, if I did it with my own strength, now I feel like I know how to go back. I’m still lacking.”

On the 6th, we shared a great record in the match against SSG Landers in Busan. Starting pitcher Wilkerson blocked 7 innings with no hits, followed by Koo Seung-min in the 8th inning and Kim Won-joong in the 9th inning also maintained a no-hit. Third no-hit game ever.

Kim Won-joong said, “Actually, I didn’t know. After the ball was given to me, I thought, ‘What is it?’ But the manager said he was going to take the ball, so I heard the explanation and knew it.” “It’s an honor to be able to put my name on such a record. Pitchers have that much power, so I think they can do better in the second half by working hard.”

Last week, Kim Won-joong appeared in 4 games and played 5⅓ innings. An exhausting schedule in hot weather. Kim Won-joong said, “If I go out and save a lot, it means that the team wins a lot. I think I should take care of myself and play more games.”

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