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You can’t break up with SON easily, right? Equipped with a new playmaker…’Tottenham lineup is out!’

Are you still going with Son Heung-min?

On the 9th, the football statistics site ‘Squawka’ released the Tottenham Hotspur squad of coach Ange Postecoglu.

The Tottenham squad’s best 11 consisted of Son Heung-min, Harry Kane and Dejan Kulusevski in the attack, while James Madison, Yves Bisuma and Rodrigo Bentancur formed the midfield.

The defense was built by Destiny Udozi, Mickey van der Ben, Christian Romero and Ferd Poro, with Guglielmo Vicario as goalkeeper.안전놀이터

Son Heung-min’s presence is solid. Tottenham starts this season with a new command tower system, and the dominant prospect is that the position will be solid.

Coach Postecoglu preferred attacking soccer when he was the Celtic coach, and it is expected that he will fit well with Son Heung-min.

Expectations are being formed that Postecoglu’s attacking soccer will take advantage of Son Heung-min’s strengths.

Son Heung-min’s soul mate and soul partner, Kane, also took a place in the attack.

Kane is feeling the atmosphere of breaking up with Tottenham through the transfer market this summer.

The reason Kane wants to leave Tottenham is the championship trophy. It was the judgment that the thirst was only possible through a transfer.

Tottenham started a catch operation in a situation where the contract with Kane expired in June 2024, but the dominant analysis is that there is not enough justification to persuade because the Champions League and Europa League appearances in the upcoming season have failed.

Bayern Munich is actively showing interest in Kane. He is burning his will to recruit him. Director Thomas Tuchel even brought out a method called a home visit.

Kane’s will to transfer is stubborn. His transfer rumors gained momentum after his wife was recently spotted in Munich, reportedly looking for a house to live in and a school for their children.

Bayern Munich finally proposed a condition that included a bonus clause in the transfer fee of 100 million euros for Harry Kane, but Tottenham refused and attention is focused on the move.

If Son Heung-min and Kane continue to work together, Madison, the new playmaker, will support them.

Madison is a playmaker with sharp passing ability as well as scoring ability. He also played an active role as a key resource for Leicester in the previous season as he scored 10 goals and 9 assists.

With this on his back, the England national team, the Three Lions Corps, also steadily boarded, showing off his competitiveness.

Maddison announced their breakup after hearing no news of an extension as they were contracted to Leicester until June 2024.

Tottenham moved aggressively toward Madison. Invested 40 million pounds (approximately 66.6 billion won) to confirm the recruitment.

Maddison appeared in pre-season in a Tottenham uniform and caught the eye with his sharp and menacing pass.

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