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The heat got hotter as I entered the variable seat… Gangwon FC rewarded enthusiastic support with victory

 The heat was even hotter when the variable seats entered the Gangneung Sports Complex, which is used as the home of the professional footballer Gangwon FC. As the fans warmly cheered and cheered while breathing closer together, the players reciprocated. They escaped from a long period of sluggishness by defeating the ‘nemesis’ Ulsan Hyundai.토토사이트

Gangwon produced a miracle by winning 2-0 with Yago’s additional goal in addition to Seo Min-woo’s opening goal in the Hanawon Q K-League 1 2023 Round 26 home game against Ulsan at 7:30 pm on the 12th at Gangneung Sports Complex. did.

Gangwon, who won that day, succeeded in getting out of the swamp of long sluggishness by sounding the pitch for victory in as many as 16 games. They pushed Suwon Samsung (19 points) to the bottom and climbed to 11th place (3 wins, 11 draws, 12 losses, 20 points) on the leaderboard, escaping from the bottom.

And that’s not all. Gangwon broke the sickening jinx by defeating the ‘natural enemy’ Ulsan in 27 games and 11 years since May 2012. Coach Yoon Jeong-hwan reported his first victory in 58 days since taking office midway last June. He has caught all four rabbits.

It was truly a ‘catastrophe’. Gangwon, who was struggling at the bottom, caused a stir by catching Ulsan, who was sailing smoothly toward the championship. In particular, they did not simply focus on defense, but from the beginning, they continued the offensive in a quick turnover to create more threatening opportunities, and after scoring the first goal, they won the victory by making an additional goal.

Gangwon’s defeat of Ulsan in a match that was expected to be a ‘David and Goliath’ fight was possible because of the fervent support of the fans who did not lose their faith. Gangwon fans sent encouragement rather than criticism despite the continued sluggishness, and visited the stadium without letting go of their support until the end.

In fact, even after moving the home stadium from Chuncheon Songam Sports Town to Gangneung Sports Complex, Gangwon fans continued to visit. Round 21 against Gwangju FC (7,06), round 23 against FC Seoul (7,203), round 24 against Suwon (11,084), and round 26 against Ulsan (8,369). 1,415 people found it.

In particular, after discussions with Gangwon recently, Gangwon decided to install variable seats so that fans could watch the players’ movements more closely and enjoy the game lively, which worked well. Due to the nature of the sports complex, there was a track, so the distance between the spectators’ seats and the ground was far, but as the variable seats were created, fans cheered the players right in front of their noses and breathed together, injecting great energy into them.

Gangwon players were encouraged by the enthusiastic cheering of the ‘Orange Corps’ in the variable seats. With the tenacity to give victory to the fans, they showed their fighting spirit until the final whistle blew, and they reciprocated by defeating Ulsan. It was a victory that the Gangwon club, Gangwon-do, players, and fans all came together as one.

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