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“Choi Ji-man’s aggressive recruitment, San Diego’s huge disappointment” Kim Ha-seong is 4th in WAR… 7% chance of fall baseball

“It’s a huge disappointment.”

Should the San Diego Padres have had a fire sale right before the trade deadline? On the 30th (Korean time), ESPN looked back on the progress of 30 major league teams over the past month since the trade deadline. “It’s a huge disappointment,” he said of San Diego.토토사이트

There was a prospect that San Diego would sell reserve free agents Blake Snell and Josh Hader in line with the trade deadline, as well as Juan Soto, who has one year remaining as a free agent. It is true that even at the time, advancing to the postseason was elusive. However, the leadership did not give up, and rather tried to save the slightest hope by recruiting Choi Ji-man, Rich Hill, Garrett Cooper, and Scott Barrow.

This choice is a miserable failure now, a month later. San Diego is tied for 7th in the National League wild card race with 62 wins and 71 losses as of the 30th. They were 7.5 games behind the third-place San Francisco Giants. Considering that there was a gap of around 5-6 games before and after the trade deadline, San Diego has been in vain for the past month.

ESPN analyzed that before and after the trade deadline, San Diego’s chances of making the postseason fell from 41% to 7%. That’s a whopping 34% drop. ESPN said, “San Diego’s chances of making the postseason at the trade deadline have been increased by forward-looking predictions from the roster. He gave that talent to San Diego.”

However, ESPN said, “Has there ever been a major league where the overall performance has been lower than expected as this season? San Diego, St. Louis Cardinals, New York Mets, Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees are huge disappointments.”

Ha-seong Kim ranks fourth overall in the major leagues with a WAR of 6.2 based on the Baseball Reference. They rank 9th with an offensive WAR of 4.5 and 4th with a defensive WAR of 2.2. It was an impossible mission to make up for the collective sluggishness of superstars except for Soto by Kim Ha-seong alone.

Moreover, the number of players recruited right before the deadline is generally low. That’s the case with only Choi. Surprisingly, after the transfer, in 7 games, 11 at-bats, no hits, 5 walks and 3 points. After the game against the Arizona Diamondbacks on the 12th, he went to the injured list again. This time it’s a rib injury.

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