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Hadada ML’s ‘first’ repeat crime… “What a disgusting failure.” Explosion of criticism, 20-win ace player’s life in jeopardy

This cannot but be the downfall of the ’20-win ace’ who even achieved the title of ‘Most wins king’ in the National League. In the U.S. local media, intense criticism is pouring in, and there is even a possibility that he will no longer be able to continue his career as a player in the major leagues.안전놀이터

On the 5th (hereinafter Korean time), multiple local media outlets, including the U.S. ‘The Athletic’, reported that LA Dodgers Julio Urias was awaiting trial after being arrested on charges of ‘domestic violence’.

First of all, at this point, there has been no detailed information about what Urias did that constituted domestic violence. However, what is clear is that Urias was ‘arrested’ by the police who responded to the report, was imprisoned in a detention center, and is currently released after paying bail of $50,000 (approximately 66.72 million won). And the fact is that he will appear in court on the 28th.

Urias entered the major league stage with the Dodgers in 2016 and was reborn as an ‘ace’ in 2021. Urias pitched in 32 games, swept up a whopping 20 wins, and played with an ERA of 2.96. He won the National League’s ‘Most Wins King’ title and succeeded in establishing himself as an indispensable ‘core’ for the Dodgers. did. And last year, he continued his good form with 17 wins, 7 losses, and an average ERA of 2.16.

This season was very important for Urias. This is because he was about to become a free agent (FA). In particular, since there are not many starting resources that can be called the ‘biggest fish’ in this year’s free agent market, it was possible to aim for a ‘jackpot contract’ depending on the season’s performance. And although he was underperforming compared to his previous two seasons, he went 11-8 with an ERA of 4.60 in 21 appearances.

It is currently unclear what kind of ruling Urias will receive. However, the ‘domestic violence’ charge could be a big ‘variable’ for Urias ahead of free agency. The possibility that his career as a player may end cannot be ruled out. The reason is that this is not the first time domestic violence has occurred. Urias was also accused of domestic violence in 2019 during an argument with his girlfriend at a shopping mall.

At the time, Urias was not punished judicially, but he could not avoid disciplinary action from the Major League Baseball office. The Major League office can discipline players involved in child abuse, domestic violence, sexual crimes, etc. even if they are not found guilty, and Urias was suspended for 20 games in 2019. At the time, Urias did not ‘appeal’ either, but rather completed a treatment program. Despite this, another ‘accident’ occurred.

According to USA Today, the atmosphere in the local media is truly ‘the worst’ as no player has been disciplined for the same issue twice since domestic violence regulations became more stringent in 2015. Since the Major League Baseball Secretariat can impose disciplinary action based on allegations alone, it is expected that Urias will not be able to avoid disciplinary action from the Secretariat even if he is found ‘not guilty’.

‘USA Today’ said, “Considering the circumstances and past precedents, a suspension seems certain. This incident feels more serious than ever in the policy jointly pursued by the Major League Baseball office and the players’ association over the past eight years.

First of all, the Dodgers are expected to not accompany Urias until the judicial process related to his domestic violence charges is completed. The Dodgers released an official statement on the 5th, saying, “We are aware of the incident involving Urias. He will not be with the team while we verify all the facts.” The Major League Baseball office also began investigating Urias’ domestic violence incident.

‘USA Today’ said, “The fact that it has occurred in a public place, both past and present, is concerning. It suggests a shameless and vulnerable way of thinking,” and added, “Urias will not pitch for the Dodgers this year. He will not pitch for the first offseason.” “It was no exaggeration to say that he could have signed a contract worth close to a hundred million dollars, but now fans will never trust Urias again.”

In the end, ‘USA Today’ raised the possibility that Urias would not be able to continue his career as a player in the major leagues, alluding to the case of Trevor Bauer (former Dodgers, current Yokohama DeNA Baystars). In Bauer’s case, the charges are different from those of Urias, a sexual crime, but the fact that he committed an accident that the Major League Baseball office and the club very strongly condemned is the same.

‘USA Today’ said, “Urias’ suspension will likely last until the 2024 season, and his future is very uncertain. His former teammate, Bauer, has reached a point where his talent has been offset by his misbehavior. Paying the Money “As a customer, I couldn’t stand seeing them in uniform,” he explained.

Recently, such incidents have been occurring constantly in the major leagues. Bauer was acquitted of sexual crimes, but was effectively expelled from the Major League, and Tampa Bay Race superstar Wander Franco is also reported to have committed sexual crimes against minors and will likely not be able to continue his career as a player. Urias is also expected to follow a similar path to Bauer. It cannot be anything other than the downfall of ‘Ace’

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