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‘Four rookies including Hwang Jun-seo and Hwang Young-mook participate’ Hanwha conducts final training in Miyazaki starting November 1

Hanwha Eagles will conduct final training in Miyazaki, Japan from November 1 to 26.

The camp consists of a total of 45 people, including coach Won-ho Choi, 9 coaches, 3 training coaches, and 32 players. This camp will focus on improving the skills of new players and improving their ability to digest team tactics, and will be held with a 3-day training and 1-day rest system.짱구카지노

The theme of this camp is largely divided into improving defensive ability, establishing adaptation to multi-positions, and improving team tactical ability.

In order to improve the fielders’ overall defensive ability, we plan to increase the concentration of defensive training until next year’s spring camp. In addition, the goal is to increase the utilization of players who can play multi-positions, excluding non-replaceable players, through multi-position adaptation training according to the abilities of each player.

At the same time, we plan to improve team tactics to reduce the large and small miss plays that occurred in offense and defense until this year, while establishing the abilities of each player in the batting area and conducting training to increase scoring power through various offensive tactics. In addition, new pitchers Hwang Jun-seo and Jo Dong-

wook , infielders Jeong An-seok and Hwang Young-mook will participate in the event to check each player’s skills and future utilization plans.

Coach Choi Won-ho said, “We plan to conduct intensive training during this camp to improve the problems of our team that were analyzed by reviewing last season and to maximize the abilities of each player.” He added, “The theme of the training held in this closing camp is “It will be a period in which each player is assigned their own role to ensure continuity through the period of inactivity until next year’s spring camp,” he said.

He added, “We will also focus on watching the new players in person, identifying their strengths and weaknesses compared to existing players, and determining how to utilize them for next season.”

Meanwhile, participants in the final training, excluding those currently participating in the Miyazaki Training League, are scheduled to depart through Incheon International Airport (Flight OZ158) on the morning of November 1.

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